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Forza 10 Super Litter Mr. Force Perfume

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Product description

thin flake silicon litter guarantees maximum effectiveness thanks to the increased contact surface, easy to clean as it completely absorbs urine and dehydrates faeces.

Maximum absorbency and less odors with Forza 10 cat litter

Forza 10's Mr. Force silicon litter is a unique product, totally different from all other silicon litters, the fine granulometry and flake shape guarantee maximum absorbency and the total elimination of odors. 

Safety and hygiene with Mr. force cat litter

a 1.5 kg pack is sufficient for over 30 days, the absorbent capacity of this cat litter also guarantees against the formation of bacteria which, in addition to causing bad odors, can cause urinary tract infections in the cat, Mr. force reduces the bacterial load preventing pathologies from bacterial infection in the cat. 

Suitable for adult cats and kittens

Instructions for use: Distribute a layer of 5-6 cm on the litter, remove the faeces when necessary, the presence of liquids inside the tray indicates that the litter has exhausted its effect.

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Forza 10 Super Litter Mr. Force Perfume


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