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Happy Dog Profi-Line Sportive 26-16

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Energetically Rich Food 26-16 SPORTIVE delivers a greater share of building proteins and more energy to cover the slightly increased nutritional demands of working, sports or breeding dogs during periods of increased activity. 

Key Benefits: 

  • The recipe is based on a rich “red” beef muscle, which is the optimal source of building proteins for all breeds of dogs.
  • Edible red meat is complemented by a slightly digestible “white” poultry and fish.
  • Easily digestible poultry fat supplies energy quickly.
  • The feed can be deployed wherever higher muscle activity and lighter physical performance are required.
  • It is also suitable for nursing pregnant and nursing females.
  • It can also be used for rearing active young middle-aged and large breeds already engaged in active training and training.
  • The feed contains all the essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins in ratios optimized for medium-heavy dogs.
  • It is, therefore, an economic alternative to healthy dog nutrition everywhere where higher demands are placed on the supply of all nutrients.


vitamins/kg: vitamin A 10250 I.E., vitamin D3 1000 I.E., vitamin E 45 mg, vitamin B1 3 mg, vitamin B2 6 mg, vitamin B6 2.5 mg, biotine 250 g, calcium-D-pantothenate 7.5 mg, niacin 30 mg, vitamin B12 45g, antioxidants: high tocopherol extracts of natural origin. Trace elements/kg: iron 100 mg, copper 10 mg, zinc 80 mg, manganese 10 mg, iodine 1.25 mg, selenium 0.1 mg


crude protein 26%, crude fat 16%, crude fibre 3%, crude ash 6.5%, calcium 1.6%, phosphorus 0.95%, sodium 0.35%

Feeding Information

Ideal weight of adult dog

Normal requirement for adult dog (g/24h)

Normal requirement for young dogs between 6 and 12 months* (g/24h)

2 kg

48 g

58 g

3,5 kg

73 g

88 g

5 kg

95 g

115 g

7,5 kg

129 g

156 g

10 kg

160 g

194 g

15 kg

217 g

260 g

20 kg

269 g

320 g

25 kg

318 g

380 g


364 g

440 g

35 kg

409 g

495 g

40 kg

452 g

545 g

45 kg

494 g

595 g

50 kg

534 g

645 g

60 kg

612 g

735 g

70 kg

687 g

830 g

80 kg

760 g

930 g

* Between 12 and 15 months, the amount of food should be gradually reduced to the recommended daily amount for adult dogs to suit falling energy requirements.

Additional information: Before you start or stop administering the product we recommend that you seek the advice of a veterinarian. Water should be available at all times.