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POKUSA Calcium Eggshell

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Chicken eggshell powder is a building material for bones and teeth. The more calcium embedded in the bone during the growth of a young organism, the more the so-called peak bone mass they reach, which becomes more stable and resistant to injury. Chicken eggshell powder is a source of magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc and copper.


  • Source of Calcium
  • in B.A.R.F. diet.


100% crushed- chicken eggshell.

Crude ash: 94%
Calcium: 38g / 100g


Dogs and cats – depending individually on the level of phosphorus in the diet.
lean meat – 3.5 scoops, fatty meat – 3 scoops, offal – 3.5 scoops, masseter – 1 scoop / 1kg of meat (boneless).

The enclosed scoop contains ca. 2g of product.

Method of administration: 

serve mixed with food.

The exact dose and duration of use should be determined by a veterinarian.
Microbiological testing: Parameter: Enterobacteriacea <100 cfu / g. Salmonella – absent.