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POKUSA Diamond Coat Biotin Max


Pokusa DiamondCoat Biotin Max is an essential dietary supplement in the event of excessive hair loss and its overall poor condition. It has a beneficial effect on increasing the rate of hair regrowth. Regular supplementation will make the coat shiny, dense, strong, more durable and will also achieve a more pronounced color and shine.

Additionally, the product improves the condition of the pads and claws.

The optimal duration of use is 5 - 6 weeks

Indication for use:
- participation in exhibitions
- hair loss
- dull and brittle hair
- skin conditions (inflammation, eczema, psoriasis)
- dry skin


Composition:  brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), DL-methionine, zinc chelate, copper chelate, biotin

Analytical ingredients per 100g:
Protein: 37.3%
Fiber: 3%
Total ash: 24.63%
Moisture: 4.1%
Fat: 1.2%


Dosage / 24h:  1 scoop / 10 kg bw.
Method of administration:  mix with food

Measure included in the package. One scoop contains about 1.36 g of the preparation