DiamondCoat DEEP COLOUR & SUPER SHINE is a unique formula customised to the optimal stimulation of the hair matrix. It contains all the necessary exogenous components required to actively create keratin masses responsible for the daily growth of the hair shaft. Regulates the metabolism of the skin, in which lie the hair, so it has a beneficial effect on the state of their roots and growth. Appreciated for centuries pure and natural ingredients such as seaweed, horsetail, nettle, evening primrose oil are a unique elixir of health and for the maintenance of exhibition skin and hair condition. 

Dedicated for dogs with: black, tanned, chocolate, grey, blue, ginger and apricot coat.



Organic chicken’s eggyolk, seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), potato protein, carob, linseed, hydrolysed collagen, blueberries, montmorillonite, rosehip, evening primrose oil, cleansing, horsetail and nettle. 

All ingredients were added in pure and natural form, freshly blended and pre-heat treated appropriately for an optimal preserve of well-absorbable natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids in large quantities.

Due to the high content of bio digestible protein, it is not recommended to administrate the DIAMONDcoat and Premium Plus simultaneously.


As a dietary supplement for dogs suffering from excessive hair loss, lack of its gloss and deep colour, increased itching, thickening of the skin, loss of its flexibility or peeling. Allergy prevention for ensuring the show condition of the coat. 

Tip – it is recommended to use:

– Prophylactically (during moulting) for 60 days, 2 times a year.
– On ad hoc basis (in the case of poor skin and coat) for up to 90 days, after which take a 30-day break and then return for administration if necessary or prophylactically.

Dosage :

Body weight (kg) / g daily
< 2,5kg m.c: 1-2 g
2,5 – 5kg m.c.: 3 g
5 – 10kg m.c.: 4 g
10 – 20kg m.c.: 6 g
20 – 30kg m.c.: 8 g
>30kg m.c.: 10-12 g

Dosage: The preparation is administered once a day in the form of powder mixed with food.

The enclosed scoop contains 2g of product.