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POKUSA GoldMilk Puppy Milk


An extremely tasty formula with a safe lactose content, rich in docosahexaenoic acids (DHA), which are necessary for the correct development of a young body. The addition of perfectly absorbable mineral-vitamin components covers deficiencies, supports immune processes, as well as the correct development of bone and tooth. It regulates phosphorus and calcium distribution, ensuring anti-wrist properties.

ADVICE: Urination and feces by newborns are stimulated by a bitch in the process of
licking around the stomach and crotch. Self-monitoring of physiological functions occurs around the third week of life. When feeding puppies up to 3 weeks of age, it is NECESSARY after each meal, to gently massage the stomach and crotch area with a damp, soft cloth or a soaked swab. The water temperature should be between 38-40 o C. After the massage, clean the area of the anus.