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POKUSA LactoVital


Natural supplement for breeding females in the postnatal period and during lactation.

A nutritional supplement intended for enriching the diet of breeding animals during the postpartum and lactation period. The active ingredients support the rapid improvement of physical condition, help improve the functioning of mammary glands and increase the amount of milk produced during the highest demand period. They have anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects on the reproductive system, improving the recovery of the uterus to its normal condition.

The formula is enriched with a vitamin and mineral supplement, which covers the nutrient deficiencies of the bitches body during periods of higher demand. The chelates contained in the product ensure the high bioavailability of micronutrients. Especially recommended for females with a large litter or weakened physical condition after pregnancy or birth.

Product is especially recommended for females with multiple litters or weakened physical conditions after pregnancy and childbirth.