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Pokusa Omega 3 Oil

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OceanicLine Omega-3 oil  - natural supplements

Top-quality oil from sea fish, distinguished by the high content of beneficial Omega-3 acids. Regular use contributes to the comfort of the locomotive system and improves the quality of coat and skin. It does not contain artificial preservatives, and due to its delicate fishy taste and smell, it is eagerly eaten by dogs and cats. Certificated raw material and tested in an accredited laboratory. A special violet glass bottle ensures maximum durability and the preservation of all the qualities of the product.

Composition: 100% fish oil (Engraulidae, Carangidae, Clupeidae, Scombridae - except Thunnus and Sarda)

Analytical constituents / 100 g:

Moisture: <0,1 %

Fat; 99,96 %

EPA: 18,5 g

DHA: 11,8 g

Omega-3: 37,4 g

Omega-6: 4,8 g

Omega-9: 8,5 g


Dosage / 24h

Dogs: 2 g for each 7 kg BW

Cats: 2 g for each 5 kg BW

One pump is approx. 2 g of oil (approx. 2,5 ml).

Form: oil

Serve: mix with food

Produced in EU. Complementary feed for dogs and cats. Store at 5-15 °C, in tightly closed original packaging, in a dry place.

Keep away from children. Use up to 90 days since get it open.