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POKUSA Raw Diet Line Blood Plasma


A natural ingredient designed to enrich the diet of dogs and cats fed on a raw meat diet. A pork blood plasma meal complements the plasma components deficiency in the diet, which the main component is raw meat. It provides high-value protein, rich in lysine and threonine. Lysine is an amino acid essential for the construction of cartilage and skin collagen. Threonine – essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system, liver regeneration and recovery of muscle fibres. Globulin fraction of serum proteins is primarily an immunoglobulin, which has the capacity to stimulate the immune system. It’s sources of elements are sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium and magnesium. Manufactured under the supervision of the District Veterinary Inspector.

Use: It is recommended to use the product primarily as an enrichment diet of dogs and cats fed raw meat.


This product has been pre-heat treated appropriately for an optimal preserve of well-absorbable natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids in large quantities. Heated in temperature above 130oC, spray dried. Pathogen SHV-1 (herpesvirus suis type 1) causing the Aujeszky’s disease, is effectively deactivated at 100oC. The optimal selection of the proper heat treatment process guarantees the elimination of pathogens while maintaining the highest level of nutrients.



100% pork blood plasma meal

Analytical ingredients /100g:
Protein: 73.5%
Moisture: 6.7%
Crude ash: 14.7%


In a raw diet for dogs and cats:
1kg heart, liver, kidney – 1.2g, 1kg lean red meat or rabbit – 2g, 1kg of fat meat – 2.4 g

The enclosed scoop contains 1g of product.

To get “full blood” it is recommended to use in conjunction with RawDietLine Hemoglobin in the ratio 4:1.