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POKUSA RawDietLine MSM & RoseHip


Supports the locomotor system.

Highly bioavailable, an organic nutritional supplement for dogs and cats, supporting the action and rehabilitation of the locomotor system. The product includes MSM, a biogenic sulfur compound extracted from pine pulp and an extract from the fruit of a wild rose which is a natural source of vitamin C.

MSM – biogenic sulfur compound, obtained from pine pulp, which is particularly important for the flexibility of joints and strong hair structure and skin regeneration. As the main component of collagen, sulfur helps to prevent inflammation of the joints and supports their regeneration. Active substances support regeneration after exercise, relieve symptoms of acid reflux and food and pollen allergies. RawDietLine MSM can be used in the treatment of diseases of the joints, tendons, skin, disorders of absorption and absorption of cellular substances.

The extract from the fruit of the wild rose from the Polish harvest is the richest source of highly available vitamin C. It is recommended to administer it in combination with MSM to enhance its activity and absorption.


    • After injuries
    • Pain, problems with flow movement
    • Lameness