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POKUSA Reproductal+


Natural supplement for breeding females during the period of reproduction and pregnancy enriched with vitamins and minerals.

An organic, 100% natural product for bitches, which helps to achieve better stability of pregnancy and is recommended in the prophylaxis before the occurrence of postpartum tetany. The active ingredients of the product improve the functioning of the reproductive system. They strengthen and nourish the uterine musculature, which has a positive effect on the natural delivery. The active ingredients also have astringent properties that prevent birth haemorrhage and they influence the appropriate development of the foetuses, especially their growth and the formation of the nervous system.

The formula complements the deficiency of calcium in the diet, being excellent prevention against the occurrence of hypocalcaemia (postpartum tetany). The addition of Vitamin E counteracts ovulation disorders, affects the maturation of oocytes, prepares the uterine mucosa to implant the embryo. Due to the appropriate content of herbs composition and energy-protein density, REPRODUCTAL+ evokes the Flushing effect.

Flushing increases the number of oocytes able to be fertilised during oestrus. As a result, it helps to achieve a better litter size and stability of pregnancy.