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POKUSA RawDietLine Rose Hip


Natural vitamin C, good functioning of the urinary tract. 

Wild rose fruit powder is the richest source of highly absorbable vitamin C. It supports immunity, is a strong antioxidant recommended as prophylactic of the urinary tract for dogs and cats. Regularly served with ferric and chondro-prophylactic (supporting the camera movement) preparations, reinforces their action.

Freshly ground rosehip is the richest source of highly absorbable, biologically active, laevorotatory vitamin C. It supports the correct functioning of the urinary tract and the immune system. Wild rose fruit powder has very potent antioxidant properties and seals the blood vessel walls. The product should be administered prophylactically to protect the urinary tract, due to the acidifying properties, which prevent the precipitation of struvite stones in the bladder. Regular intake stimulates the absorption of manganese,  essential for the activation of folic acid and collagen synthesis. This is particularly important in the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases and chondro-prophylactic.

Entirely produced in Poland. It does not contain any synthetic additives.

Use: as an everyday, natural dog’s and cat’s diet ingredient (especially sterilised/neutered animals), during diet and pharmacotherapy of the musculoskeletal system diseases (joint system), in anaemia treated with ferric preparations, in the prophylactic of the urinary tract, in stressful situations (competitions, exhibitions, trips), for inflammation of various substrates.

Advice: it is recommended to use in conjunction with RawDietLine Hemoglobin and RawDietLineMSM to strengthen their impact.