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Growth & Performance

  • €99,65

    Royal Canin Babydog First Age Milk

    Royal Canin Babydog Milk is a complete milk replacer feed for dogs - puppies from birth to weaning (0-2 months). For steady, harmonious growth, th...

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  • €32,80

    POKUSA Chondroline Sport

    Specialist organic preparation for regeneration and protection of the locomotor system. Designed for dogs undergoing major training loads and regul...

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  • from €28,81

    POKUSA Chrondoline Junior

    Supplement for young, growing dogs. A specialized organic preparation supporting the proper functioning and development of the skeletal and joint ...

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    from €28,81
  • €18,60


    HMB complimentary food, which is perfect for sports dogs, put into training and convalescents, whose muscles require support after treatments or in...

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  • €7,65

    POKUSA Isotonic Drink

    Isotonic drink for dogs after training or illnesses. PowerDog Isotonic Drink is a powder formula for dissolving in water. It stabilizes the water-...

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  • €14,20


    Supplement that supports power, endurance and strength of sports and working dogs. BCAA Pure is a mixture of amino acids in optimal proportions fo...

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  • €19,70

    POKUSA Reproductal+

    Natural supplement for breeding females during the period of reproduction and pregnancy enriched with vitamins and minerals. An organic, 100% n...

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  • €14,20

    POKUSA LactoVital

    Natural supplement for breeding females in the postnatal period and during lactation. A nutritional supplement intended for enriching the diet ...

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  • €8,75

    POKUSA LactoStop

    This dietary nutritional supplement supports the process of suppressing lactation, protects mammary glands against inflammation and other patholog...

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  • €17,50

    POKUSA Junior Optimal+

    A nutritional formula that optimally supports the healthy development of puppies and young dogs. Properly balanced macroelements (calcium and phos...

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  • €12,45

    POKUSA GoldMilk Puppy Milk

    An extremely tasty formula with a safe lactose content, rich in docosahexaenoic acids (DHA), which are necessary for the correct development of a ...

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  • €10,88

    Happy Dog Baby Milk Probiotic

    Happy Dog Baby Milk Probiotic 30/30 is ideally suited for rearing puppies from birth without a mother.The burden of mother dogs with large litters ...

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  • €29,00

    Happy Dog Cereal Flakes

    Meat is nutritious, but it is not sufficient on its own. Species-appropriate and balanced nutrition for dogs also require varied and highly-digest...

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  • €11,35

    Dr. Clauder's Pro Life - Mother & Puppy Emulsion

    There is no greater challenge for the body than pregnancy and nursing puppies. Mother & Puppy-Paste makes it possible to cover the extremely h...

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  • €17,71

    Dr. Clauder's Pro Life - Puppy milk Plus

    Large litters, too little milk from the mother, weak puppies-risk factors that must be precisely balanced at the beginning of life. The Puppy Milk...

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