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Welly™ Disabituante


Welly™ Disabituante is an innovative product to correct the bad habits of dirtying dogs and cats.

  • Fresh smell
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Made in Italy

The active ingredient contained in  Welly™ Disabituante is unwelcome to pets, but it is not unwelcome to people. Furthermore, the exclusive microencapsulated formula prolongs its effect and duration. Welly™ Disabituante is harmless to people, animals, and plants and is not harmful to the environment.

It can be dispensed directly on the desired surfaces.


Shake well before and during use. Spray abundantly from a distance of about 25/30 cm on the surface to be treated. It is advisable to carry out a first test on a small part of the area, bearing in mind that it could leave halos on some materials. In case of rain or washing of the surface with water, it is recommended to repeat the treatment. In favorable environmental conditions, repeat the application weekly until the desired effect is achieved.