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    Leonardo Kitten

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    Excellent recipes in practical single portions. Juicy meat enhanced with fine ingredients and gently cooked in single-portion pouches. Cold-pressed safflower oil supplies essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Extraordinarily tasty and digestible, BELCANDO® Finest Selection is ideal for sensitive or finicky dogs.
    Available in 125 and 300 g single-portion pouches
    BELCANDO® Finest Selection Dog Food is made of carefully and gently processed natural products without any artificial aromas, colourings or preservatives.

    Average quantities for feeding adult dogs with normal activity levels are listed in the table shown. The correct feeding quantity is best determined by regularly checking the dog's weight. Fresh drinking water should be aa

    Thanks to its extra content of fresh poultry meat and chia seeds that regulate intestinal activity, LEONARDO Kitten is particularly easy to digest.


    Especially in the first months of life, good digestion is essential for the well-being of the kitten. LEONARDO Kitten contains ProVital, a combination of active ingredients from  natural yeast  extracts that helps develop the defense function.


    • ProVital reinforces the  cat's defenses thanks to the components of the cell wall (betaglucans) of natural yeast.
    • STAY-Clean, a  special highly soluble vitamin C supplement  for LEONARDO dry food. It has been shown to  reduce the growth of bacteria that form dental plaque.
    • It contains chia seeds rich in omega 3 fatty acids and brewer's yeast , which is particularly rich in natural B vitamins , high-quality proteins and valuable vital substances.
    • High-quality ingredients that come from  carefully selected suppliers , subject to strict German animal nutrition regulations.


    fresh poultry meat (30%); poultry protein, low ash, dried (27%); rice; poultry fat; corn; poultry liver, hydrolyzed; rye, malted (3.8%); egg, dried; whey powder; marine zooplankton, ground (krill, 2.5%); saltwater fishmeal (2.5%); brewer's yeast, dried (2.5%); chia seeds (1.3%); carob pods, dried; Dicalcium phosphate; potassium chloride; sodium chloride; chicory inulin.


    • Proteins 34%
    • Fat content 22%
    • Raw ash 8.5%
    • Crude fibers 1.5%
    • Humidity 10%
    • Calcium 1.3%
    • Phosphorus 0.9%
    • Sodium 0.4%
    • Magnesium 0.09%

    ailable at all times. Once open, store in the fridge for max. 24 hours

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    Leonardo Kitten

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