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    Belcando Pure Beef

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    Product description

    Supplementary feed for dogs
    Our new canned food BELCANDO® Single Protein is available in six selected types of meat. There are no other additives included. In combination with the supplementary feed BELCANDO® Mix it GF, single protein wet food is an ideal protein source for elimination diets, where you can find out which types of meat your animal may be sensitive to.

    Single Protein can be used for permanent feeding in case of food intolerance - again in combination with BELCANDO® Mix it GF.

    Beef meat, heart, liver, lung, kidney, udder (73%); Beef Broth (27%)

    protein 12.0%; fat content 6.0%; crude ash 1.5%; crude fiber 0.4%; Moisture 78.0%


    feeding recommendation
    For a balanced diet, we recommend feeding 2 parts BELCANDO® SINGLE PROTEIN beef + 1 part BELCANDO® Mix it GF dry food. Average feeding values ​​for adult, normally active dogs are shown in the table below. The best way to determine the correct feeding amount is to regularly check the dog's weight. Fresh drinking water should always be freely available. After opening, store in the refrigerator for a maximum of 24 hours.

    *Weight  **Single Protein *** BELCANDO® Mix it GF
    3-5 kg 80-100 g 40-50 g
    5-10 kg 100-160 g 50-80 g
    10-15 kg 160-240 g 80-120 g
    15-20 kg 240-300 g 120-150 g
    20-25 kg 300-360 g 150-180 g
    25-35 kg 360-440 g 180-220 g
    35-50 kg 440-600 g 220-300 g
    50-65 kg 600-800 g 300-400 g
    65-80 kg 800-900 g 400-450 g

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    Belcando Pure Beef

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