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Cliffi Premium Mix Canary 800g


Being an animal lover means protecting their well-being, and providing them first quality foods, that must satisfy their nutritional requirements. PREMIUM MIX is a quality food, that brings the nutritional substances useful for your canary’s wellbeing.  It contains MINERAL SALTS and VITAMINS, useful for a proper diet, and INULIN (source of Fructo-oligosaccharides), a prebiotic useful to promote intestinal wellbeing and to maintain your bird in top form.

PACKAGING: Box 800 gr in a controlled atmosphere

Composition: Seeds, Cereals, Bakery products, Mineral substances (0.2%), Oils and fats, Derivatives of vegetable origin (Chicory Inulin 0.07%).

Additive (KG): Nutritional additives, Vitamin  A 13300 U.I./Kg, Vitamin D1330 U.I./Kg, Vitamin E 13.3 mg/Kg. Colouring.