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    Cliffi Xantofil New

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    Intense red colourant, with canthaxanthin, carophil, and high concentration beta-carotene. Complementary food for red factor ornamental birds

    Contains Canthaxanthin (Carophyl) and Beta-Carotene at maximum concentrations, for spectacular coloring.
    PACKAGING: Jar of 100 gr.
    VALIDITY: 30 Months

    By-products of vegetable origin, sugars.

    Organoleptic additives: Canthaxanthin 90000 mg/Kg – Beta-carotene 10000 mg/Kg.

    6-10 g per kg of eggfood, preferably greased, starting two weeks before the first egg is laid, for birds that need to be colored in the nest or throughout the moulting and exhibitions period. Always leave fresh, clean water available. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light. Close the package after partial use of the product.

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    Cliffi Xantofil New

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