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Deli Nature 5* Menu Guinea Pigs


Product information

  • Is an extremely varied and balanced mixture, containing more than 20 natural ingredients, with a high vitamin C level (495 mg/kg). The mixture meets the nutritional demands of your guinea pig.
  • Available in 750gr and 2,5kg.


Derivatives of vegetable origin, cereals, vegetables (min. 11% of which 22% carrot pieces, 13% green beans, 5% beet-root), fruit (min. 10% of which 30% rosehip, 20% carob), herbs (min. 7%), vegetable protein extracts, minerals, seeds, various sugars, oils and fats, yeasts

Nutritional advice

  • A guinea pig will eat an average of 35 to 50 grams of food per day.
  • Always make sure your guinea pigs have access to fresh drinking water and hay.