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    Diamant Dog Adult Maintenance Lamb

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    Introducing DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS The Ultimate Complete Food for Adult Dogs

    Elevate your adult dog's nutrition with DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS, a meticulously formulated and studied food designed to meet the specific needs of adult dogs of all sizes in maintenance. Crafted with care, this exceptional product is ideal for dogs with average to intense daily physical activity levels, making it perfect for active and energetic pets. It is also particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive hair and skin or those prone to food sensitivities.

    Optimal Energy and Digestibility:

    DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS features lamb as one of its key ingredients, ensuring a good level of easily assimilated and highly digestible energy. This promotes overall vitality and supports your dog's active lifestyle, allowing them to thrive and enjoy their daily adventures.

    Specially Formulated for Sensitive Dogs:

    We understand the unique needs of dogs with sensitive hair and skin, as well as those prone to food sensitivities. DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS is meticulously studied and formulated to address these specific needs. With carefully selected ingredients and a balanced nutritional profile, this food supports your dog's overall wellbeing while minimizing potential sensitivities, promoting a healthy and happy life.

    Carefully Selected Ingredients:

    DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS is made with a selection of high-quality ingredients. It includes dehydrated animal protein derived from lamb (10%), corn, wheat, rice, beet pulp, chicory pulp (a source of inulin), oils and fats, hydrolyzed animal proteins, yeasts, minerals, carob extract, chestnut extract, and F.O.S. (fruit-oligosaccharides). Each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen to provide a complete and balanced meal for your adult dog.


    Nutritional Analysis:

    This exceptional formula contains a generous crude protein content of 25.00%, supporting your dog's overall muscle development and health. With a phosphorus content of 1.20%, DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS promotes strong bones and teeth, ensuring your dog's structural integrity. It provides an energy value of 3276 kcal/kg or 13.72 MJ/kg, supplying the necessary fuel for your dog's daily activities.

    Essential Additives:

    DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS includes essential nutritional additives to further enhance your dog's health and wellbeing. It contains vitamin A (15,000 U.I./kg), vitamin D3 (950 U.I./kg), vitamin E (100 mg/kg), zinc oxide (150 mg), monohydrated iron sulfate (260 mg), and choline chloride (1500 mg/kg). These additives support immune function, promote healthy skin and coat, and contribute to overall vitality.

    Easy to Use:

    DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS can be served dry or moistened with water or broth, providing flexibility in serving options. We recommend a gradual transition when introducing this delicious food into your dog's diet. Always keep a bowl of fresh water available for your dog's hydration needs. For the best quality, store DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS in a cool, dry place, and ensure it is consumed within 18 months of the production date.

    Choose DIAMANT LAMB ADULT ALL BREEDS and provide your adult dog with exceptional nutrition and care. Watch them thrive with every nourishing bite!

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      Diamant Dog Adult Maintenance Lamb

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