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    Dingo Cat Feather Rod Glamour

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    Playing with a cat stimulates its hunting instinct , teaches agility , and strengthens the bond  between you and your pet. With such a toy, you will provide him with wonderful moments spent together.

    The cat rod with white and black feathers is about 45 cm , thanks to the soft feathers your cat will love it from the first play! The cat rod - as well as other toys - help to discharge the energy dormant in your pet . White and grey, soft feathers, loved by the cat, are placed on the elastic  .

    A fishing rod with feathers for a cat will help you satisfy your hunting instinct , which can often lead to a lot of damage and bitten objects in the house. An unsatisfied cat is also an unhappy cat, so it's worth getting a cat fishing rod to keep it busy and entertained .


    • stick length: 45 cm,
    • toy length: approx. 70 cm,
    • feather length: 40 cm.

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    Dingo Cat Feather Rod Glamour

    €6,99 EUR

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