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    Dingo Easy Walk Harness for Pulling Dogs Red

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    Walk-in / step-in harness  for dogs from the Energy Silver collection is very light and made of high-quality double-sided polypropylene tape . Among other harnesses, they stand out with vivid and expressive colors that will emphasize the beauty of your dog during joint trips.

    Walk-in harness, also known as walking or step-in harness, is perfect for dogs of small and medium breeds .

    In the walk-in / step-in harness, there is no need to put them over the head , so they will be perfect if your dog has a sensitive head , neck or ears or does not like wearing a collar . For this reason, they are also safe for the neck and trachea - in the event of a sudden pull, the energy will spread over the pet's chest.

    The walk-in harness is very easy to put on - just put it on the floor and put your dog's paws in the middle of two triangles made of harness. There should be only one tape between the paws. Then we grab the click-clack buckles, pull them up so that they adhere to the dog's body and fasten them on the back.

    The harness is adjustable on two straps , thanks to which you can perfectly adjust it to the build of your pet. The click-clack clasp will ensure safety and comfort during walks, and attaching the leash to the chrome rings on the back will be perfect in winter, when your pet will be wearing additional clothes.

    The braces have chrome fittings, thanks to which they will not rust . They are also easy to clean as they are machine washable at 30 degrees . You can choose the outer color of the step-in harness, while the inside is gray .


    • strong sewing,
    • light,
    • high-quality double-sided tape,
    • vivid and energetic colors,
    • perfect for dogs of small and medium breeds,
    • easy to put on,
    • do not need to be put over the head,
    • safe for your dog's head, neck and trachea,
    • adjustable,
    • click-clack clasp,
    • attachment to chrome wheels on the back,
    • easy to keep clean

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    Dingo Easy Walk Harness for Pulling Dogs Red

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