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Dingo Energy Harness Green


Dingo ENERGY dog harnesses are made of high-quality polypropylene tape, in vivid, energetic, neon colours. They have chrome fittings, so they do not rust. Fastened with a comfortable click-clack buckle. Two semicircles located on the back are used to attach the leash. The harness is adjustable on two straps, so you can perfectly choose the size of the harness to build your dog. The lower part of the straps is black. Very easy to clean - machine washable at 30 degrees.

Thanks to its bright colours, the braces emphasize the beauty of your pet and make it stand out during walks.


Size 40 tape width 1.0 cm (A: 30-38 cm B: 34-44 cm)

Size 50 tape width 1.6 cm (A: 38-48 cm B: 42-54 cm)

Size 60 tape width 1.6 cm (A: 42-54 cm B: 48-64 cm)

Size 70 tape width 2.0 cm (A: 48-64 cm B: 52-74 cm)

Size 85 tape width 2.5 cm (A: 57-81 cm B: 61-90 cm)

A - front circumference

B - circuit behind the paws