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Dingo Energy Silver Collar Orange

Color: Orange-Grey

Dingo Dog collars are made of high-quality double-sided polypropylene tape in vivid, energetic and expressive colours. It has stainless chrome fittings, fastened with a buckle, adjustable. From below the tape is grey. Very easy to clean - it can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Thanks to its bright colours, it will highlight your pet's beauty and make it stand out during walks.

    Sizes: (adjustment range)

    X-Small - 1.0 x 35 cm (23-31 cm)

    Small - 1.6 x 40 cm (26-33 cm)

    Medium - 1.6 x 45 cm (32-37 cm)

    Large - 2.0 x 50 cm (35-42 cm)

    X-Large - 2.5 x 55 cm (36-46 cm)