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    Dingo Glamour Cat Fishing Rod With Pompoms

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    Playing with a cat  stimulates its hunting instinct ,  teaches agility and, above all,  strengthens the bond  between you and your pet. With such a toy you will provide him with wonderful moments spent together. What cat doesn't like to chase, attack, catch? All these features lie in his hunting nature, so you need to provide him with the right toy.

    Each of the pompoms in the rod is characteristic : the first one has golden ears, the second one is all smooth, and the last one has golden, shimmering dots on it. Thanks to the elastic band, the pompoms will jump and run away from your cat while playing - it will provide him with greater sensations while playing together .

    The cat rod with Pompoms measures  approximately 45 cm and thanks to the different Pompoms, your cat will love it from the first time she plays with it! The cat rod - as well as other toys -  help to discharge the energy dormant in your pet . 


    • stick length: 45 cm,
    • toy length: approx. 70 cm,
    • pompom diameter: 5 cm.

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    Dingo Glamour Cat Fishing Rod With Pompoms

    €6,99 EUR

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