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    Dingo Snack Ball Blue

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    Product description

    The ball with spikes for treats TASTY BALL will provide your pet with mental stimulation and discharge of energy!

    The treat toy is made of  high-quality and solid thermoplastic rubber , which is highly  resistant to biting . 

    You can use the treat ball toy  like a regular ball  - during training in learning to fetch, on walks, but also when playing at home. In addition, you can  put treats in the ball  and give it to the dog to tire his mind and keep him occupied, for example, when you are away. 

    While playing in licking and pulling treats out of toys,  the dog calms down and relaxes  - then your pooch's mind rests. So if you want  an emotionally stable dog , make sure your pet calms down properly!

    Characteristics of the Spiked Treat Ball Toy:

    • helps to take care of your pet's gums and teeth thanks to rubber spikes,
    • biting resistant,
    • made of high-quality, safe material - thermoplastic rubber,
    • 2 in 1 - a regular ball but also a ball for treats,
    • helps the dog to calm down,
    • stimulates while playing and learning to fetch,
    • it floats on water unless there are delicacies in it.

    The ball will also work well when playing in the water, because it floats on it (even if it gets inside). The only condition is that there must be no treats inside the ball.

    On the outside of the toy there are tabs that massage the gums and improve their blood supply, thanks to which your dog will have beautiful, healthy and strong teeth .

    The ball for dog treats is about 8 cm in diameter and is blue in color.

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    Dingo Snack Ball Blue

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