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Dr. Clauder´s Dental Care


Cleans the teeth with the help of the dog's tongue. Avoids bad odour.
Maintains the teeth, helps to prevent bad breath. The ingredients cause increased saliva production and thereby partial dissolution of the plaque. The tongue is then used as a natural toothbrush to remove the dissolved plague. Combine with Dr.Clauder's Anti-Plaque to achieve an even more intensive result. - Mild dental care - Active against dental plaque - For a fresh breath - acts as a natural toothbrush.


Dental care for dogs.
Composition: AQUA, PEG-35 CASTOR OIL, peppermint oil, methyl-4-hydroxybenzoate sodium salt, citric acid.
Administration suggestion: In the morning and in the evening after eating, inject 1-2 sprays directly into the mouth.