Dr. Clauder's BARF Traditional Salmon Oil

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A shiny coat and healthy skin signify that your pet has plenty of vigour and health. But many animals have a dull coat, no undercoat and sensitive skin. This affects both the appearance of the skin and the coat. Dr.Clauder's BARF Traditional Salmon Oil for dogs and cats has the power of pure salmon oil. The natural components of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 about 15% - omega 6 about 15%) have a direct effect on the skin and coat and promote vital body functions. The very low content of free fatty acids (<2%) further underlines the excellent quality of this natural product.



Feed materials for dogs and cats.


100% natural salmon oil.

Analytical Constituents:

crude fat 99%.

Feeding advice:

Dosage: bodyweight / ml per day (1 teaspoon = approx. 5ml): up to 5kg: 2.5ml; 5-15kg: 5ml; 15-30kg: 10ml; over 30kg: 15ml. Start with about 30% of the daily dose. within 1-2 weeks, increase to the full daily amount.

Administration suggestion:

Add to feed or give separately. Shake well before each use!


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