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Dr. Clauder's Garlic Granulate


The garlic granules offer the natural effects of garlic and counteract vascular impairments that are due to dietary deficiencies. This provides a tasty addition that supports the immune system with the beneficial properties of garlic and yeast. In addition, the garlic content creates a skin climate that repels vermin.

Complementary feed for dogs.
Composition: corn, garlic powder (15%), potato protein, sunflower seeds, yeast, desiccated coconut, calcium carbonate.
Analytical Constituents: crude protein 19.2%, crude fat 5.7%, crude fibre 2.8%, crude ash 3.8%.
Additives/kg: Nutritional additives: vitamins: A 50,000IU, D3 2,000IU, C 100mg, E 250mg, B1 60mg, B2 40mg, B6 30mg, choline chloride 1,500mg.
Technological additives: with preservatives
.Feeding advice: Dose: bodyweight teaspoon/day: up to 5kg 1/2-1, up to 10kg 1-2, up to 20kg 2-2 1/2, up to 30kg and more 3-4 (1 teaspoon = ca. 5g). To be fed at room temperature.
Administration suggestion: Filling height due to technical reasons. Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from humidity. Always provide fresh water!