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Dr. Clauder's Plaque Ex Forte Plus For Cats

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Dr.Clauder‘s Plaque Ex Forte Plus is a new dental hygiene product. Dr.Clauder‘s Plaque Ex Forte with its high-dose of cranberry concentrate and micro silver is scientifically proven to be effective. Micro silver can neutralise bacteria and fungi and provides an antibacterial effect on the gums and thus builds a protective barrier with excellent long-term effect. Cranberry can also inhibit the formation of dental plaque in a very natural way. This removes the breeding ground required by bacteria. Put it right into your pet's mouth after feeding or let them lick it off a plate. • With micro silver and cranberry concentrate • For healthy teeth and gums • Dental hygiene with natural ingredients.
Dental care for cats.
Composition: chicken protein (dehydrated), cranberry juice concentrate (10%), Vegetable oil, animal fat.
Analytical Constituents: crude protein 8%, crude fat 26%, crude fibre 0.2%, crude ash 0.15%, moisture 57%.
Technological additives: Preservatives and emulsifier. With flavours, Microsilver 0.05%.
Feeding advice: Daily Dose: about 3g = press pump 2x.
Administration suggestion: The bottle works with an airless system. For technical reasons, please pump a few times in the beginning. Daily use is recommended (such as regular brushing is recommended in human dental care).

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