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    Ferplast Milos Medium

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    Thanks to its spacious dimensions, the habitat can be home to various animals and has been designed so that it can also be easily connected to other accessories and/or rodent living units. You can have fun creating new routes and playrooms by further enlarging the space your furry friends live in.

    The cage comes with all the basic accessories and your little guest will no doubt feel right at home. There is a food dish, a water dispenser and a nice little house in which it can sleep, complete with little steps that provide it with exercise. There is even a transparent plastic shelf and a ladder.

    Milos Medium has a coated metal grid and thanks to its tight knit mesh can safely house even tiny rodents. The bottom of the cage is made of plastic and efficiently contains soil and litter.

    The roof of the cage comes with a hatch equipped with a safety hook to make sure it doesn’t open accidentally. It is easy to open for daily maintenance operations and housekeeping.
    The habitat is very easy to clean. Simply flip the side clips that hold the top to the base and lift it off.


    • Hamster and mouse cage
    • Designed for children, teaches them to care for their small pets and have fun at the same time
    • Modular, it can be connected to other accessories or rodent living units
    • Tight metal mesh for greater animal safety
    • Ideal for hosting a variety of rodents
    • Robust plastic bottom for soil, litter and sawdust and shavings
    • Door with safety catch
    • Mesh and bottom easy to separate for cleaning
    • Accessories included: 1 food bowl, 1 water dispenser, 1 little house, 1 shelf and plastic ramp
    • Two exercise wheels


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    Ferplast Milos Medium

    €41,00 EUR

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