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Ferplast Rabbit 100


Perfect for rabbits and guinea pigs, Rabbit 100 has a deep coloured plastic bottom on which a metal mesh is placed. The mesh is coated with special corrosion-resistant paint and can be completely lifted from the front side, for easier access. This also makes everyday cleaning easier. For deeper cleaning operations, simply detach the bottom by unhooking the snapping flaps on the sides, which were designed for extra safety.

The Rabbit 100 habitat for rabbits and Guinea pigs is roomy inside and comes with all the necessary accessories for your little pet: hay container, water nozzle, a food bowl and a little house for sleeping, all made of plastic.
Rabbit 100 is sold in a space-saving packaging, in line with the policy of respect for the environment that Ferplast has always followed.

If you wish, it's possible to purchase Stand 100 separately, the metal support with castors that makes moving the habitat around a breeze.


  • Cage for rabbits and guinea pigs made of varnished metal mesh
  • Mesh and plastic bottom connected on the sides by snapping flaps
  • Mesh can be fully lifted from the front side
  • Accessories included: 1 hay container, 1 water spout, 1 house and 1 bowl
  • Easy cleaning: simply unhook the bottom of the cage
  • Comes in a space-saving packaging
  • Optional: support with castors Stand 100


Dimension: 95 x 57 x h 46 cm