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    Forza 10 Diet Mini fish

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    Product description

     Forza 10 Mini Diet with Fish

    Purpose: Designed for dogs with hypersensitivity to meat, especially if caused by intensive farming.


    • Fish Meal (18%): Provides essential proteins and nutrients.
    • Healthy Fats: Corn Oil and Fish Oil.
    • Natural Additions:
      • Pineapple: Rich in vitamin A and beneficial substances.
      • Papaya: An antioxidant with natural vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.
      • Pomegranate: Contains polyphenols that counteract lipid oxidation and free radicals.
      • Ginseng: Known for its energizing properties.

    Microencapsulation: Ensures stability and gradual absorption of natural principles.

    Nature Conservation: Uses natural vitamin E (tocopherols) for effective preservation.

    Nutritional Content (per kg):

    • Crude Protein: 26%
    • Crude Oils and Fats: 13%
    • Crude Fiber: 2.6%
    • Crude Ash: 6.1%
    • Omega-3: 1.58%
    • Omega-6: 4.73%
    • Energy (EM): 3,562 kcal/kg - 14.9 MJ/kg

    Recommended Daily Ration: Approximately 30 g per kg of dog weight (refer to the package for specific guidelines).

    Usage: To reduce intolerances to ingredients and nutrients.

    Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

    Additional Information

    fish meal 23.5%, milled rice 23%, peas, maize gluten, oils and fats (of which fish oil 2%), greenpea starch, rice middlings, beet pulp, animal product, minerals, mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), FOS, vegetable glucosamine (from fermantation) 0.04%, Grifola frondosa 0.027%, Yucca schidigera, products and by-products from fresh fruit and vegetable processing (Carica papaya 0.025%), products obtained from vegetable processing (Ananas spp. 0.025%), products obtained from herb processing (Aloe vera powdered gel 0.013%), algae (Haematococcus pluvialis (astaxanthin 0.005%)).

    Additives (per kg):
    vitamin A 25500 IU, vitamin E/rac-alphatocopheryl acetate 375 mg, choline chloride 1000 mg, DL-methionine 800 mg, zinc sulphate, monohydrate 220 mg (Zn 80 mg), copper (II) chelate of glycine hydrate (solid) 64 mg (Cu 16.5 mg). Technological additives: antioxidants, preservatives, extract rich in natural tocopherols 8 mg. Sensory additives: natural products (botanical names): Punica granatum 150 mg, Panax ginseng 50 mg, Rosmarinus officinalis 25.6 mg.

    Analytical constituents:
    moisture 8.0%, crude protein 28.0%, crude fats 14.0%, crude fibre 2.4%, crude ash 8.0%, Omega-3 0.8%, Omega-6 2.4%.

    Metabolisable energy: 3542 kcal/kg - 14.8 MJ/kg.

    Additional features

    Balanced Nutrition
    Hypoallergenic Formula
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    Forza 10 Diet Mini fish

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