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    Grain free complete dry food for adult dogs all breeds - Duck and Veggies

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    Grain free complete dry food for adult dogs all breeds - Duck and Veggies

    Optimeal Adult Grain Free Duck and Vegetables is the perfect food for your pet. It contains a unique mix of healthy herbs, berries, selected meat ingredients and prebiotics. All this creates a daily natural defense of your dog's immunity, and also guarantees the health and beauty of your pet for many years to come.

    The high content of selected duck meat, as well as the inclusion of fresh duck meat in the form of minced meat in the feed formula, will provide your pet with high-quality, easily digestible protein of animal origin.

    The absence of grains and gluten will save your dog's digestive system from the additional work that the intestines and pancreas normally undergo to digest unnatural food components such as cereal gluten (gluten).

    The high content of berries and vegetables provides the dog with a natural source of vitamins and plant fiber, which will significantly improve the functioning of the digestive system and intestinal health. A high content of vegetables (sources of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index) will prevent the development of such a terrible disease as diabetes, as well as keep your dog healthy and slim figure.

    A unique complex to support and strengthen the immune system Immunity Support Mix consists of:

    • Specially purified beta-glucans - improve the functioning of the immune system for a long life of the pet.
    • New generation prebiotic Actigen — normalizes the balance of beneficial intestinal microflora and ensures healthy digestion.
    • The natural antioxidant SubStar ULTRA based on rosemary, thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, prevents the destruction of body cells and diseases of pets.


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    Grain free complete dry food for adult dogs all breeds - Duck and Veggies

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