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Welly Coconut and Lime Cleansing Wipes


WELLY ™ CLEANSING WIPES Coconut & Lime Fragrance are indicated for daily cleansing the coat and skin of dogs and cats, leaving the pet's coat pleasantly scented, with exotic notes.

Welly ™ Coconut & Lime Cleansing Wipes contain organic lemon peel extract, known for its refreshing action , and are ideal for a deep and effective cleansing, but naturally delicate and respecting the pH of the pet's skin.

Welly ™ wipes are Made in Italy and made of soft 100% compostable and biodegradable cotton. They are available in 6 pleasant fragrances, have maxi dimensions of 30 x 19 cm, and are in packs of 40 pieces.

All Welly ™ wipes contain natural organic extracts for deep and effective but naturally delicate cleansing, leaving the pet's coat pleasantly scented. They are suitable for dogs and cats. Not tested on animals


Remove the Welly ™ wipe from the package, open it and rub it gently on the pet's fur. There is no need to rinse. It is recommended to close the freshness-saving packaging to maintain the humidity of the wipes. After use, throw the wipe in the waste bin.